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He is wise who neither hopes nor fears anything from the uncertain future.

That experience guides my conviction that partnership between the United States and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

Nadeem was wearing the same suit as I was.

I don't speak French as well as you think I can.

The engines are very cheap.


Barbara is being quite obstinate, isn't he?


I need a little help!

Don't be worried.

Janet won't be going to Grant's party.

Maybe you should turn off the TV.

He told her to study.

He made a very quick decision.

Mayo told me about what happened to Nathaniel.


Israel was extremely disrespectful.


You said to give Donne what he needs.


We don't have long to wait.

He slowly opened his eyes, and then she kissed him.

Auckland has a population of a million.


Kim is older than I am by four years.

Where did you want to take her?

Basing his conclusion of guilt on deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes ratted out his own partner, Watson.

They began to sail to their home.

If he really liked me, he would call me more often.


I need you by my side.


Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of the blood.

They're murderers.

Christie said he felt rested and was ready to start hiking again.

Pascal is being foolish.

This is Mr. Pedro.

Coleen chewed Tanya out for staying out all night long.

Everything's OK.

She answers requests for information from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

Dan lived in a nice apartment.

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When do you run?


You should read Shakespeare's sonnets.


The accident happened right before our eyes.

This girl comes from Japan.

He will reside here for a few days.

I have so many devices on my desk that it makes me feel like a secret agent.

We need to cross the river.

Please put a stop to this nonsense.

It's unlikely that tomorrow's meeting will last over an hour.


Many landforms on Mars appear to have been shaped by flowing water.

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I think I'm going to like living here.

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After a little while you'll know Esperanto.

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This pencil is better than that one.

We went on a picnic to the hill.

I suggest you talk to Ernst.


Everything happened the way Lyndon predicted it would.

It looks like Manuel doesn't want to be here.

The problem is that Nancy doesn't go to the club meetings.

Everyone is unique.

Wendy reached into his jacket and pulled out a small notebook.

We must get away.

I just have a few more questions.

It's not there anymore.

How far is it from here to Tokyo?

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Our native language is Japanese.

He did not walk into the gym.

Try not to inhale the fumes.

What a neat idea!

Ronni would know the answer.

Maybe I could help.

Lloyd resigned last Monday.

Education starts at home.

List left the house to his son.

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Eva never realized there were so many women working at his company.

She danced with him at the high school prom.

I fell asleep on his shoulder.

His proposal is far from being satisfactory to us.

I have always been very passionate about politics.

Although her parents had said no for a long time, they finally let her go to Europe alone.

Samuel says he actually enjoys dancing.

I've got the munchies.

You're lying, aren't you?

His mother writes letters.

I have some personal business to take care of.

How many men are there that wear a coat that cost a hundred francs, and carry a diamond in the head of their cane, and dine for twenty-five SOUS for all that! It seems as though we could never pay enough for the pleasures of vanity.

Isn't Myron funny?

You were the one who gave me that tip.

I like to play with words.

I crave knowledge.

I read in the newspaper that he had been murdered.

I'm just trying to do the right thing.

I don't know what I'm going to do next.

It's best to let me handle it.

You should really get one of these.

She believes Willie.

Casey saw us.

Washington was the most famous man in the United States.

Tell the truth.

I'm going to take care of it for you.

His daughter was endowed with beauty and grace.

Pierette is an honor roll student.

He has a great interest in Japanese.

My contribution was ignored in the discussion.

I found out Shadow has a criminal record.

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I sold it this afternoon.


Cling film is made from polyethylene.

Today, for the first time in a week, Ofer was allowed to eat solid food.

Dan mailed Linda's scandalous pictures to a local TV station.

I guess that there are fundamentalists and radicals even in the relatively peaceful domain of language...

I'd say you've had enough to drink.

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Indeed, there were seven of us.

You can't keep doing this to Bea.

She is poor, but she is happy.

We're all deeply shocked.

There is nobody like you.


The earth is one of the sun's planets.

Olivier tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

Your death will serve as an example.

Are you Finns or Russians?

Speaking of adventures, here comes your wife.

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We have a two-car garage.

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When Lois has trouble sleeping, he starts counting stoats. That quickly brings him into a peaceful mood, and he is fast asleep before he could count the stoats to fifty.

It's very important for our employees to be able to speak French.

Johann didn't seem surprised when he heard that Ronald and John had gotten married.

We're not satisfied with that.

How is it spelled?

Do you know why he couldn't come?

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is the most famous formula in the world.

I'm sure he'd be delightfully taken aback if you cleaned your apartment.

I was heavily sedated.


What were you planning to do?

Do you know how to cook a lobster?

Orville is often late for school.


The context is the most important thing in a translation. A translator might forget a word, but if the context is clear enough to him, he could make himself understood with no problems, but if he gets an isolated sentence with no explanation, he might understand it ambiguously and he won't translate the real meaning from the original language. That's why you should always provide context when asking for a translator's help.

They fell madly in love after drinking a love potion.

She's not from here. She was born abroad.

I don't see any other choice.

I'm going to give you a year's worth of allowance all at once.

I'm not Canadian.

Shankar fell asleep reading a book.

Love is love.

Mr Soarez has been my close friend for years.

French bread is delicious.

He is up for reelection.


In order to lose weight, it is best to take up some sport.


He is everything to her.


Not counting Portuguese, I only know Esperanto.


We'll figure out how to solve the problem later.

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In 1783 Caroline Herschel discovered three new nebulae.

Having failed several times, he succeeded at last.

No one seems to care.

The parolee started to live in his hometown.

A lot of clients come to the lawyer for advice.

Hsuan is no longer our prime suspect.

I should get in touch with Ravi.

He didn't say in which year he was born.

Do your parents still live in Germany?

The girl has an exotic image for the boy.

Don't play me for a fool.

He looks pale.

Well, what shall we do for fun today...

They have treated her well.

It takes literally a minute to make the sauce.

This is the house where he lives.

He objected to the opinion of his manager.


A wise man would not say such a thing.

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I knew you wouldn't want to do that.

I've hired them.

Japan is in the eastern part of Asia.

How long is it since you heard from him?

He cannot be young.


You should learn how to use your dictionary.